This site was made for the affluent and wealthy men seeking something more then just intimacy. I'm a one of a kind, committed, genuine and independent high-class transsexual escort and I only cater to the upper-class of society. My goal and purpose is to provide you with the complete experience, from the moment you open the door to the moment you apprehensively say good bye, I will give you myself fully, I'll give you an intimate deep connection, and an unforgettable experience that will only leave you wanting me more...

If you do decide to contact please do not hold back, be open and honest with me... Everything that will happen between us will be entirely confidential and discreet. I can be your lover, dancing partner, companion, master, travel partner and much more. Let me serve you... What is that you want? an erotic oiled downed massage? A "special" time in the jacuzzi? or perhaps companionship and understanding? Whatever your fantasy or desire may be... we can fulfill them together.

I mainly serve clients in Vancouver BC, Canada however I also serve clients out of town and I can travel and serve you in the following cities: Beverly Hills, West Palm Beach, Miami, New York, Dallas, Paris, Nice, Monte Carlo, London, Dublin, Marbella, Mallorca, Stockholm, Geneva, Zurich, Rome, Milan, Athens, Sydney, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Budapest, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Munich, Frankfurt, Prague, Moscow, Kiev, Singapore, Dubai, Cairo and others. It goes without saying but please be sure to make any travel arrangements well in advance before our engagements.

Yours truly,